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For instructors that are not ranked in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the first step is attaining rank.


We will provide you all of the necessary requirements and skills that takes to become a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt. Marcello will be able to test your knowledge and ability to execute the techniques. If you meet the required standard for promotion, Marcello will award you the rank of Blue Belt at that time


Affiliate (Instructors/Academies Only) Membership



  • The Marcello C. Monteiro BJJ Association provides not only the cutting in Black Belt instruction, but also the leadership and guidance needed to help your academy grow as part of our BJJ family.


  • In addition to our powerful White to Black Belt Student Curriculum we have designed a new and effective Instructor Training Program that will guide your personal BJJ development as well as give you insights on how to become a better teacher.


  • The DVD Curriculum is part of your training material that will also help your business to grwo, and to profil your academy throught purchasing the DVDs set to resell to your students for motivating them to test for stripes in your academy.    The DVD Curriculum will be used by the students and the instructor for correct reference of techniques to be taught.


  • As part of the MCMBJJA you will learn how to make your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu business grow, attract new students and network within our BJJ community. Ours is an organization dedicated to the success of each Academy.


  • The MCMBJJA knows that each academy comes with its own unique set of values and goals. We want to help each Academy find their highest level in BJJ without sacrificing any other styles or programs.

Joining MCMBJJA will bring out the best in your Academy with dedicated instruction, superior programs and the best support network around.




- Instructors and Academies joining the MCMBJJA will receive the following great benefits



  • We would like to offer you our printing service and provide you with marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, posters, etc , to help increase student base which is supplied through BJJCoach Marketing Online.


  • "If you are a black belt on the mat but still a white belt in the office" our Martial Arts Billing service  can help you take care of all of your tuition needs.  "Wondering about student retention, renewals, etc..."  You will get advice from our Free Consultation Service.



  • You will be able to use Marcello C. Monteiro's Association logo in your marketing material if that is approved by Marcello C. Monteiro


  • Affiliated school will be posted on the Marcello C. Monteiro's website as an Official Training Facility (info about your academy such as contact information and a link to your homepage)


  • Affiliated shool will be posted in Marcello C. Monteiro advertises and magazines as part of the Association


  • The association instructor receives merchandises at a wholesale price (association Official Uniform and DVDs)


  • Receive Association Members Handbook


  • Official Belt Rank Certificates endorsed by Marcello C. Monteiro


  • Able to obtain rank certificates authorized throught BJJCoach Marketing for Affiliate's students (for stripes and belts)


  • Receive quality Black Belt instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu according to the standards of Marcello C. Monteiro with his credentials given from the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation of Rio De Janeiro/ Brazil, CREF (Conselho regional de Educacao Fisica,Brazil), Secretaria de Esportes e Lazer da cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Associacao Brazileira das Federacacoes Desportivas and Escola de Educacao Fisica do Exercito.


  • Access to the various Representative affiliated training facilitiies throughout the world without additional registration cost


  • Have the benefit to fly/drive to Indianapolis,IN to Marcello C. Monteiro's Main Academy and get quality training with him and his well trained team of students. The opportunity will completely change your game and view on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


  • Ability to host seminars, clinics and private lesson with Marcello C. Monteiro


  • Special Association Only Training Events, Camps, and Tournaments including Instructors Only events



Representative Instructor Level General Requirements


  • Instructor must have attained a rank of Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from either Marcello C. Monteiro, an approved Marcello C. Monteiro instructor, and/or a reputable/verifiable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt.*



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